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This site contains photo galleries related to the families of George Avila, Juanita Avila (neé Weston), Dan O'Connor, and Evelyn O'Connor (neé Clocksin). In the interest of individuals' privacy, the pictures are mostly pre-1950. Please contact me if you have any questions, corrections, or suggestions for improvements.

The same content on the galleries will be available in an offline medium such as a thumb drive.

Technical Info

The photos are captured by either:

  1. Scanning on a flatbed scanner (A Brother MFC497J All-in-one, at 300 dots per inch)
  2. Photographing prints using a camera (most likely a Canon 70D) on a tripod
  3. Photographing negatives on a light box using the same camera with a 100 mm macro lens

The resulting images are processed by:

  1. For camera images, converting to 16-bit TIFF format with RawTherapee
  2. Using Gimp to crop, straighten, adjust color/gray levels, etc.
  3. The image is saved in Gimp's native format (.xcf) and exported to a losslessly compressed .png file
  4. A Python script automates the final step of creating .jpg files in three sizes, and prompts the user to enter metadata (descriptions, tags, etc.) that go into an .xml sidecar file. The script, along with the .php code for this website, is available on github.
  5. Finally, the three generated .jpg files and the accompanying .xml file are uploaded to the appropriate directory on the website.
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